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Lipitor is used for lowering high cholesterol and triglycerides in certain patients.

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Atorvastatin generic for crestor abrudastatin, abbVie's most popular generic prescription statin. In the last four years, Crestorabrudastatin has been the top selling non-brand name statin in the United States and Canada, generating $2.35 billion in sales 2011. That was over three times the sales of AbbVie's Abbraxa for the same period, a brand that was top five selling generic in all four countries 2011, according to The Statin Files, a database set up by Merck & Co. and the Journal of American Medical Association. AbbVie said it made a large number of Abbraxa generic drugs during the period covered by statin database: The average price for drug rose almost 15% over the 14-month period in question, it said an emailed statement. The company also said that while overall generic sales are down, a lower-priced generic has "shown some promise" of keeping pace with the company's expensive Crestorabrudastatin. The atorvastatin 80 mg kaufen statin market overall has fallen on the back of introduction abbVie's own abbViexin by AbbVie, the company said. In fourth quarter atorvastatin buy online of 2014, its own generic abbViexin brought in $2.4 billion sales, up 20% from the prior year. The FDA has not approved Crestorabrudastatin as a "first line" statin for people with chronic heart failure. The American Society of Nephrology also says the product is not suitable for people with the disease. And though drug reduces angina myocardial infarction, people with heart failure and high blood pressure can suffer from dangerous side effects. AbbVie said Crestorabrudastatin does not have any known drug interactions for people with these conditions. The Food and Drug Administration said Crestorabrudastatin is approved to treat patients with heart failure who have failed at least three previous statin drugs or had "extreme angina with without heart failure in the past six months." According to the company, Crestorabrudastatin is approved to treat patients with severe myocardial dysfunction at low to moderate baseline risk for heart attack. AbbVie shares were down about 4% to $62.98 in afternoon trading on Tuesday. The White House has moved quickly to dispel the reports that President Obama is considering a pardon for leaker Edward Snowden, telling reporters that there's nothing to the reports. "President Obama has not and would ask for the pardon of Mr. Snowden," White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday during a daily press briefing at the Rose Garden. He went on to say that the president is sympathetic to American public and understands that Snowden exposed a "serious issue." "I think everybody recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy national debate on the proper balance of security and liberty, particularly as we face some of the most challenging challenges posed atorvastatin 20 kaufen by terrorists and violent extremists in our history," Earnest said. Earnest also downplayed the reports regarding Snowden's possible release and pardon. "The only speculation about when or possible actions by the executive branch are coming," he said. "The president of the United States has made it clear, and said repeatedly, that he believes Mr. Snowden should return to the United States and face consequences of his actions." The National Weather Service.

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